About the trees

  • All trees in the Tree For Me program are sourced from native local seed stock.
  • Trees come in two gallon buckets, weigh approximately 5 lbs (2.3 kg) and are 2 to 5 feet (61-152cm) tall.
  • Trees will fit in a car, grocery trolly or on the TTC
  • Trees are provided by Baker Forestry Services who specialize in growing native, seed zone specific, trees and shrubs.

Red Maple 

We love this species because of it's ability to grow in almost any condition, provided it has enough room to allow its shallow roots to spread out. With it's vibrant red colour in the autumn season, this tree is sure to steal the show. 


White Pine

If you're a group of seven fan, you might also be a fan of the white pine. Ontario's provincial tree was once abundant in the area, but due to it's vertical trunk, it was harvested to make masts for the British navy. This beautiful species prefers to be planted near other trees that can protect it from high winds. 


Red Oak

With it's high tolerance to salt, quick growth and ability to grow in difficult conditions, this shade-providing tree is a great choice for planting near roadways. Be mindful of overhead wires as this species needs ample overhead space to grow it's limbs. 


Sugar Maple

If you're willing to wait, this maple will one day be a source of our beloved maple syrup. This species makes an excellent shade tree with its full crown provided it is planted away from other trees. With its low salt-tolerance, this tree should be planted in a yard and not along a roadway. 


Smooth Serviceberry

This shrub species is excellent for those with little room to plant a tree. The serviceberry plays an important role in the urban ecosystem by providing edible berries for you and local wildlife, and habitat to beneficial insects. We really love this shrub's early spring flowers. 


White Cedar

With a spread of only 4 square feet, this shrub is suitable for those with minimal yard space.  The white cedar takes well to pruning, making it great for those looking for a natural fence or a decorative shrub.