Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the deadline to apply?

A. The deadline depends on when you would like to host an event. For Spring 2019: events must be held between May 1 and June 10th. The deadline to apply for Spring 2019 is February 1, 2019. For Fall 2019: events must be held between October 1 and November 5th. The deadline to apply for Fall 2019 is July 1, 2019.

If your group needs a lot of lead-up time to prepare, we suggest applying 6 months before your event.

Q: Can I apply to the grant as an individual?

A: No. TPTF can only grant to Qualified Donees. Organizations wishing to apply may partner with a charitable organization.

Q. I’m a member of a non-profit group, can we apply for the grant?

A. Yes, you can partner with a charitable organization to act as your trustee. We provide groups with a trustee partnership package to help start that process. 

q: Do we need a grant to host a tree for me event?

A: No. If your group feels you have the resources to host an event without requiring additional funding, you can apply without requesting funds or requiring a charity to be your trustee. Please email to learn more.

Q. Are organizations responsible for identifying planting locations?

A. No, but it helps to have an idea of the need for trees in your neighbourhood and gauging the interest in your community for tree planting be speaking to neighbours.

Q. Does the grant application have to identify residents willing to take a tree?

A. No, but you should have a basic idea of what participation in activities such as these has been like in the past to be able to estimate the likely response to your event.

Q. Can a school or youth group apply?

A. YES! We love seeing youth get involved with Tree For Me.

Q. Why are the trees free?

A. Tree For Me is designed to remove barriers that may otherwise prevent residents from accessing a tree to plant in their yard. By providing trees for free, in exchange for your time to learn how to properly plant and care for the tree, you are supporting Toronto’s Every Tree Counts campaign. We believe that your time and effort qualifies you to receive a free tree.

Q. Instead of an event, can we adjust the distribution method to suit our neighbourhood?

A. You know your neighbourhood best and are therefore better able to determine how Tree For Me is brought to your community. If a one-day event does not suit your neighbourhood, you can use a method that will. Your application should include a proposal detailing your plans for tree distribution.

Q. Why do you only offer native trees?

A. Studies have shown that a healthy forest is comprised of native trees. The trees offered through Tree For Me are best suited to Toronto’s urban environment, giving them the best chance for long-term growth. Click to learn more about choosing native trees. 

Q. Can we choose our tree inventory?

A. Yes. Grantees have the option to have all species available to participants or a select number. We can work with you to determine the appropriate inventory.

Q. Is the community group responsible for storing and caring for these trees leading up to our event?

A. Yes and no. Trees will be delivered to your event location (or wherever you would like the trees delivered) a day or two prior to your event. Organizations are only responsible for storing and caring for trees once they are delivered. Deliveries happen Monday-Friday, so please plan ahead if you are hosting on a weekend.

Q. Who can register for a tree?

A. Torontonians with room (and permission from their landlord) to plant a native tree on private land can receive up to two (2) trees per season. Non-profit and charitable organizations are eligible to receive up to 10 native trees for private land planting.

Q. How do participants register?

A. Interested Torontonians are required to preregister for a community event online at or with assistance from their host organization. Registration will be open from March 30th to April 30th for the 2018 spring season and between August 31st and September 30th for the fall 2018 season.

Q.How are participants matched with a tree?

A. Tree For provides participants with resources to match themselves with the most appropriate tree with the use of a quiz,  species informational pages and links to external resources. Host organizations may opt to use funding to provide registration support to residents who do not have access to the online registration and matching tools, or those requiring interpretation. 

Q. A large population of my community does not use computers, can they still participate?

A. Yes! You can determine the best way to assist residents with registration (e.g., hiring staff to assist with registrations, door-to-door manual registrations, event-day registration) Dont forget, additional funding is available to help you reach ALL members of your community.

Q. What information do you collect from participants?

A. For long-term data collection purposes, we ask for participants’ first and last names, addresses (and addresses of tree planting locations, if different from home address), emails and phone numbers. This information is mandatory in exchange for the free tree. This information is used strictly

Q. How do participants receive their tree?

A. Participants must attend the community event for which they registered and take part in a tree planting and care workshop prior to receiving their tree. Participants who are unable to plant their tree due to limited physical mobility may request a courtesy tree delivery and planting. The deadline to request this service will be 5pm April 30th, 2018.

Q. Who leads the workshops at our event?

A. Volunteers do! TPTF hosts a train-the-trainer workshop where your lead organizer and volunteers learn the necessary information to host event-day workshops for participants.

Q. Who communicates with participants about their registration?

A. TPTF will manage all registrations including communicating with participants. This includes a reminder email and follow-up emails. However, the host organization may include any contacts into their contact list.

Q. Will TPTF assist with volunteer recruitment?

A. Yes, to an extent. We will post any volunteer opportunities on the Tree For Me website and will forward any responses to the lead organizer. It is the organization's responsibility to coordinate volunteers.