Q. I live in a condo/apartment building. Can I participate in tree for me?

A: Yes! If you have outdoor space and a container that is larger than 1'1' you can register for a shrub. Use the registration form in the event listing to sign up. If you do not have outdoor space, we have plugs available. Come to the event to pick one up and learn how to plant and care for your small tree.


Q. I rent my apartment/house, can I still get a free tree?

A. Renters can receive a tree and plant it with the permission of the landlord.


Q. How do I make a change to my registration? 

A: You can request a change to your order here.


Q. How long is the workshop at the event?

A. The workshop lasts approximately 20 minutes but we suggest giving yourself a full hour to attend the event.


Q. is the workshop mandatory?

A. Yes; we provide participants with a free tree in exchange for their time to learn how to plant and care for their new tree.


Q. How can I transport my tree home?

A. Our trees are small enough to put in the back seat of your car, in your grocery trolley, or carry with you on TTC. Your tree will be approximately 1-5 feet in height and planted in a 1-3 gallon bucket, weighing roughly 5 lbs.


Q. Why are the trees free?

A. Tree For Me is designed to remove barriers that may otherwise prevent residents from accessing a tree to plant in their yard. By providing trees for free, in exchange for your time to learn how to properly plant and care for the tree, you are supporting Toronto’s Every Tree Counts campaign. We believe that your time and effort qualifies you to receive a free tree.


Q. Why can I only choose native trees?

A. The trees from Tree For Me are native to Toronto's seed zone. Our trees are best suited to grow in Toronto's urban environment, giving them the best chance for long-term growth.


Q. Can I send someone to pick up my tree on my behalf?

A. Yes, as long as the at person picking up your tree is willing to take part in the workshop and will be one of the people planting the trees, as long as the at person picking up your tree is willing to take part in the workshop and will be one of the people planting the tree.


Q. Is there anything I need to do before I plant my tree?

A. Yes! You are required to call Hydro One before you dig a hole on your property. Please contact 1-800-400-2255 or submit an e-ticket www.on1call.com


Q. I don't live in toronto, can I get a free tree?

A. We're sorry, at the moment our program provides trees to City of Toronto residents with the goal of increasing Toronto’s tree canopy cover.


Q. Who will take care of my tree?

A. You will! With the knowledge you gain at the Tree for Me workshop and information that you will receive via email, you will have the skills to take care of your new tree.