Tree For Me provides communities with the tools to engage residents in tree planting activities with tree matching events in support of Toronto's 40% canopy goal. 


Toronto residents are invited to match themselves with a native tree to be picked up at a community event near them. 


Tree For Me is part of the Every Tree Counts campaign. 



You have probably arrived at this website because a community group in your neighbourhood sent you here to help match you and your neighbours with no charge, backyard trees that will help enhance Toronto’s tree canopy cover.

Your local community group has received a grant to help them organize a Tree For Me event in your neighbourhood. This is where you will receive the tree that you sign up for online. At that event you will also take part in a workshop to help you properly plant and care for your new tree. You will also be invited to register your new tree at to count your tree and here you will also see how your tree benefits our environment.  



Each spring and fall, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation and the City of Toronto provides community grants to eligible organizations so they can organize a Tree For Me in their Toronto neighbourhood. No charge, native trees are available to homeowners and also to tenants who have permission to plant a tree on the properties they rent. Tree For Me trees are available for private land across Toronto.

Are you a member of a charity and interested in bringing Tree For Me to your neighbourhood? Email to learn more.


How it works


Get matched with the most appropriate tree for your planting location.



Sign up to attend a community event near you. Mark it in your calendars so you don't miss out!


Attend the event, take part in the workshop and receive your new tree. 



Plant your new tree and make it count by mapping it with our  tree counter. 


Toronto‘s urban forest is a vital asset with an estimated replacement value of $7 billion.




1. Enhance tree planting and tree stewardship on private land

2. Build inclusive community engagement

3. Grow community capacity and knowledge sharing with a special focus on Toronto’s urban forest, tree planting and stewardship.


Ready to help?


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